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Graphite Machinist

We are currently recruiting for a Machinist

We are looking for a machinist for a long term ongoing position with ideally but not essentially experience in CNC work to join our experienced team at our machining workshop in Garstang.

Duties would include grinding, milling or turning graphite products. The machines we use are; Hurco's, Semco, Milltech Milling Equipment and primarily Colchester lathes.

Training will be given dependant upon experience.

Location: Olmec Machining Workshop, Garstang, Preston, Lancashire PR3.
Salary: Dependant upon experience.
Contract: Full Time and Permanent after Trial Period.
Start Date: As soon as possible.

Please contact info@olmec.co.uk for further details.

To apply for this position please email a full C.V outlining your skills, qualifications and relevant experince to info@olmec.co.uk

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