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Graphite & Carbon uses in the Automotive and Mechanical Industries


Uses of Graphite in the Automotive Industry

Graphite is now widely used as a replacement for asbestos in many automotive functions including gaskets and brake linings. It will likely be much in demand if, as predicted by many experts, fuel cells begin replacing the internal combustion engine. It is currently the main component of brushes in electric motors.

Carbon Brushes

Important electrical components in motors and generators, Carbon brushes are made of carbon or graphite.

Carbon brushes have been more recently used to harness renewable electricity sources from both wind powered and hydro powered generators.

Bearings and Sliding Elements

Because of their good chemical resistance and high lubricating properties, our carbon materials are used in pumps as bearings, bushings and seals wherever high temperatures or a corrosive environment means other materials cannot be used.

Graphite uses in the Aerospace Industry

Aerospace Industry
Because graphite is light and strong, and because it can withstand extreme temperatures, it is in demand for surface tiles on space shuttles. Learn More

Graphite uses in the Aluminium Industry

Aluminium Industry
Graphite is used throughout the complex processes in the creation and purifcation of Aluminium, Graphite's heat and chemical resistant properties make it an ideal material for this application. Learn More

Graphite uses in Defense Technology

Defense Technology
Graphite is used in military aerospace vehicles due to it's resistance to extreme temperatures. Learn More

Graphite uses in the Electronics Industry

Electronic Graphite Applications
Global computerisation demands ultra-pure forms of graphite for electrical components and circuitry. Graphite is also used in the manufacturing of solar silicon preproducts to build solar panels. Learn More

Graphite uses in the Glass & Ceramics Industry

Glass & Ceramics Industry
Applications in the glass and ceramics industry demand products with superior electrical conductivity, mechanical strength and excellent performance at high operating temperatures. Learn More