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Olmec Advanced Materials

Olmec Advanced Materials are named after the Central American Olmec civilisation.

We took the name Olmec for our company because of the apparent similarity to what we were hoping to achieve.

The Olmec Civilisation – A little piece of history

The Olmecs were based around the Bay of Campeche in latter day Mexico, near the towns of La Venta and San Lorenzo.The Olmecs were very innovative people; they were the first Central American people to have a written form of communication. They traded in ceramics, even supplying other areas such as Honduras (~600km to the south) with their artifacts. They were also incredible builders, constructing pyramids and the renowned enormous clay heads which could be up to 3m tall.

The Olmec pre-classical civilisation preceded the better-known Maya, Toltec and Aztec periods, beginning around 1200BC. The Olmec people were in control of their region for nearly 1000 years, before the Maya civilisation became dominant.

Olmec Advanced Materials Philosophies

As the Olmecs excelled in monumental architecture and sculpting, so we aim to succeed in our sculpting, to create quality products for our clients. Over the last three decades we have built up a strong reputation for quality products with rapid delivery times. Our philosophies also note that effective communication is one of the key principles to success, and our aim is to build a solid foundation of friendship with our customers.

Carbon & Graphite Products

Olmec Advanced Materials Ltd has been supplying graphite and carbon products for three decades. The vast experience we have gained over this period helps us to provide effective solutions for our customers. The machining and supply of these products is carried out in our machining workshop in Garstang, and all administrative functions revolve around our Sheffield offices.


In 1995 Olmec began using our expertise in the field of high temperature insulating ceramics and developed stabilite. This material has been used extensively as an alternative product for carbon and in some cases, graphite for high temperature applications.

Diamond Products - Diamond & Cubic Boron Nitride

In 1995, Olmec Advanced Materials began production of diamond tooling materials.

We supply a range of diamond and CBN tools, principally electroplated, resin bonded, metal bonded and polycrystalline products.

Surelight Electroluminescent & L.E.D Products

Our Sheffield headquarters also hosts the sales and marketing of our newest venture, Surelight.

For information on Surelight please visit the Surelight website at www.surelight.com.

Manufacturing & Electrical Discharge Machining

Industrial Graphite Applications
Highly resistant to corrosion and an excellent conductor of electricity, graphite is an essential component in rupture discs, chemically resistant linings and electric arc electrodes. Learn More

Solar PV, Semiconductors & Optical Fibres

Electronic Graphite Applications
Global computerisation demands ultra-pure forms of graphite for electrical components and circuitry. As automation increases, so will the demand for graphite in electrical systems and circuits. Learn More

Graphite uses in the Aluminium Industry

Aluminium Industry
Graphite’s excellent resistance to chemicals and extreme heat make it ideal for use in the complex processes of creating and purifying aluminium. Learn More

Mechanical Graphite Applications

Mechanical Graphite Applications
Graphite has great chemical resistance and self-lubricating properties, making it perfect for use in pumps as bearings, bushings and seals. Learn More

Ferrous/Non-ferrous Metals Industry Graphite Applications

Metal Industry Graphite Applications
Graphite can withstand extreme temperatures, making it perfect for use in creating steel and for manufacturing boats, moulds and crucibles for the non-ferrous metal industry. Learn More

Graphite & Carbon Inventory

Graphite & Carbon Inventory
Olmec supply a range of grades and sizes of graphites, from standard rods and blocks to custom made molds we can create in our workshop. Learn More