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Fine Grained Graphites - Machined to your specification

Fine grained graphites are available as:

  • Fine Grained Graphite Rods from Ø3mm – Ø450mm with other sizes are available upon request.
  • Fine Grained Graphite Blocks from 260mm x 330mm x 1000mm with other sizes are available upon request.

Fined Grained Machined Graphite PartsFine grained graphite rods are stocked in a variety of different specifications at our graphite machining workshop to enable us to offer grades for the vast majority of applications where fine grained graphites are required.

We also supply fine grained graphite to customers to machine using their own machining facilities. However, the conductive and invasive dust that is generated during graphite machining often leads to customers preferring that they had requested Olmec to machine the graphite.   Our graphite machining equipment has been designed to accommodate the local “at tool” dust extraction, which is necessary to help prevent machinery and electrical equipment breakdown.

Below are a small number of uses along with some of the applications where these components are found:

  • Crucibles: Glass, drilling bits, dental work, semiconductor, precious metals industries.

  • Continuous casting dies: Non ferrous metals

  • Work-holding jigs: Quartz glass production

  • Spark erosion tools: EDM in the automotive industry

  • Rocket nozzles: Space industry

  • Seals: Chemical industry, petrochemical, power generation.

  • Piston rings: Sterling engines

  • Bearings: Paper and plasterboard production.

  • Carbon brushes: AC and DC Motors.

  • Casting rings: Aluminium production.

  • Heating elements: Vacuum and inert atmosphere furnaces

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