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Graphite & Carbon uses in Recreational Products

Graphite is used in furnaces as part of the carbon-fibre creation process from raw materials. Graphite blocks are used within the furnace walls due to their resistance to extremely high temperatures. Both rigid and non rigid carbon and graphite felt are used as insulation in these carbon fibre furnaces.

Because of its energy-absorbing quality, graphite is used to develop high performance sports equipment including:

  • Golf clubs

  • Tennis racquets

  • Hockey sticks

  • Fishing rods

  • Carbon-ceramic brake discs for bikes and sports cars

Olmec Advanced Materials do not make high performance sports equipment, but we do however supply the graphite and carbon for the furnaces and molds they are manufactured in.

Carbon-fibre has become known for it's exceptional strength while being extremely light-weight. Carbon-fibre has widely been used in a number of applications including:

  • Carbon-Fibre Motorcycle body parts

  • F1/Formula1 racing car bodies

  • Mountain and racing bike frames

Olmec Advanced Materials supply a range of graphite grades which are used to make the heat resistant molds in which these carbon-fibre parts are cast.

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