High-temperature applications such as the heat treatment of metals under vacuum or hot gas duct components require the use of Graphite and Carbon.
Many processes in the chemical industry involve the pumping, stirring and transportation of corrosive, toxic or explosive products.
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Designed to handle hot glass safely and without damaging the product
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Olmec Advanced Materials | Graphite Machining, Graphite Rods and Graphite Block Supply in the UK.

Olmec Advanced Materials are graphite machining specialists in the UK. We can machine most graphite component parts in our graphite machining workshop in Garstang. Here are just a few applications that we supply quality graphite to:

aerospace industry image

Aerospace & Defense

How graphite is used in aerospace and defence

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How graphite is used in the aluminium industry

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Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

How graphite is used in the chemical and petrochemical industries

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Glass and Ceramics

Glass & Ceramics

How graphite is used in the glass and fibreglass industries

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For Miracle Materials Automotive Electrification

Manufacturing & Electrical Discharge Machining

How graphite is used in manufacturing and electrical discharge machining (EDM)

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Mechanical Engineering

How graphite is used in mechanical engineering

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Metallurgy | Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

How graphite is used in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries

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Graphite Miracle Materials Blog

PV, Semiconductors & Optical Fibres

How graphite is used for photovoltaics, semiconductors and optical fibres

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Olmec Advanced Materials Graphite proudly adheres to levels of Quality Control and Compliance with National and International Standards.

Why choose Olmec for your graphite machining needs?

Frequently Ask questions | Olmec Advanced Materials Graphite

Olmec Advanced Materials: Four Decades of Graphite Knowledge & Experience

At Olmec Advanced Materials, our graphite inventory has been developed over four decades. The vast experience we have gained over this period helps us to provide effective solutions for our customers.

Quality Products

Over the last four decades we have built up a strong reputation for quality products and our customers come to us again and again.

Rapid Delivery

We have a track proven record for rapid delivery times worldwide. Our off the shelf sized rods, bricks and blocks can even be sent out same day.

Rigid Quality Control

Olmec Advanced Materials Ltd has a comprehensive quality control program meeting ISOQAR graphite standards. To ensure consistent quality, every stage of our production process is strictly monitored. Every block is tested and documented. The measures range from meticulous incoming goods checks and raw material tests to continuous monitoring of process parameters and destructive analysis of samples taken from each individual block leaving the production process.


Our philosophies note that effective communication is one of the key principles to success, and we aim to build a solid foundation of friendship with our customers.

Here to Help

We are pleased to offer advice on which grade will be most suitable for your application. We can guide you through the range of parameters requiring consideration to improve your designs functionality.

Olmec’s Sheffield Head Office

Olmec’s Head Offices are based in, Sheffield, South Yorkshire. Sheffiled is one of the UK’s greenest cities. 61% of Sheffield’s entire area is green space, and a third of the city lies within the Peak District national park. There are more than 250 parks, woodlands and gardens in the city, and an estimated 2 million trees, giving Sheffield the highest ratio of trees to people of any city in Europe.

Olmec’s Graphite Machining Workshop based in Garstang

Our fully equipped graphite machining workshop in Garstang boasts of the highest standards.

Garstang is the gateway to some of the finest countryside in the North West with walking routes that run through beautiful fields and woodland at the edge of the River Wyre and the picturesque Lancaster Canal.

Once referred to as “Cherstanc” in the Domesday book, Garstang combines a happy blend of old and new with historic buildings and quaint alleyways alongside high street stores, exclusive restaurants and cosy country inns.

Back in the 18th century Garstang was a popular stopping point for coaches en route from London to Edinburgh and the traditional market which still takes place every Thursday dates back to 1310 and the days of Edward II. With over 70 stalls lining the length of the high street it is as popular today as it has always been.

The rural villages dotted around the outskirts of the town each have a charm and character of their own with whitewashed cottages, well kept farmhouses, country craft shops and village stores.

Explore the area by car, bicycle or on foot or enjoy a leisurely sail along the Lancaster Canal in a beautiful barge.

Exclusive country hotels, farmhouses and excellent caravan parks in the heart of the countryside provide a convenient base for exploring this exciting part of Wyre!

Industrial Applications

Specialty Graphites for Electrical Discharge Machining
Specialty Graphites for the Metal Industry
Specialty Graphites for the Glass and Refractory Industries
Anodes for Uranium Hexafluoride Production
Carbon Fiber Reinforced Carbon Components for Nuclear Applications
Core Bricks Made of Graphite for Nuclear Applications
Hot Gas Duct Components for Nuclear Applications
Electro-Graphite Powder for the Manufacture of HTR Fuel Matrices
Graphite Disks for X-Ray Anodes
Graphite for the Manufacture of Diamond Tools / Special Ceramics
Graphite Products for Diamond Synthesis
Graphite Products for Electrolysis
Machined Graphite Spheres for Pebble-Bed Reactors
Nozzles for High-Voltage Switchgear
Roughing Electrodes Made of Graphite
Monolithic Graphite Tooling for CFRP Components

High-Temperature Applications

Machined Graphite for Sintering
High-Temperature Susceptor
Graphite Heating Tube, Heating Elements
Hot Gas Duct Components for Nuclear Applications
Sintering Plate, Charging Systems

Electronic Applications

Specialty Graphites for Energy Storage
Brazing and Glass-to-Metal Sealing Jigs
Coating Carriers for Semiconductor and Solar Applications
Crucibles and Molds for Processing Solar Silicon
Electrodes for Plasma Etching
Graphite for Ion Implantation
Graphite Products for Fiber Optic Technology
Liners/Crucibles for Electron Beam Evaporation
Products for Germanium Monocrystal Pulling
Products for Monocrystal Pulling of Various Semiconductor Materials
Products for Silicon Monocrystal Pulling
Products for the Preparation of Polycrystalline Silicon
Slicing Beams for Cutting Poly- and Monocrystalline Products
Susceptors and Boats for Epitaxy
Ultrahigh-Purity Graphites for Polisilicon Production

Automotive and Mechanical Applications

Continuous Casting using Graphite Moulds
Specialty Graphites for the Automotive Industry
Specialty Graphites for Mechanical Engineering
Carbon-Based Brushes

We provide innovative product solutions for sustainable progress. Our professional team works to increase productivity and cost effectiveness on the market.


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Olmec Advanced Materials Ltd - The UK’s biggest Supplier of Carbon and Graphite