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How graphite is used in the glass and fibreglass industries

Type of Product and application

Designed to handle hot glass safely and without damaging the product.

Applications: Take-out tongs, collector rolls, pouring funnels, pusher bars and so on used in the production of container glass, flat glass and sculptural glass

Why graphite? Excellent resistance to heat, self-lubricating (no need to use oil, which allows products to be used in both dry-running and sanitary environments), resistance to thermal shock, high melting point, non-stick

During the process for making fibreglass, the fibres are coated using a cylindrical graphite roller that is covered with sizing from the applicator roller. The graphite roller sits on the tray that holds the sizing. As the roller rotates, it gets covered with a thin coat of sizing.

Applications: Fibreglass production

Why graphite? Self-lubricating, resistant to high temperatures, non-stick

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