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Graphite Rods – Machined to your specification


Olmec supply a range of grades and sizes of graphites and carbons in machined rod form.

Synthetic machined graphite rods are available as fine, medium and coarse grained graphites:

Fine grained graphite rods:

Fine grained graphite rods are available up to a certain size. Our range is extremely extensive, from Ø3mm – Ø450mm with other sizes available upon request.

Medium grained graphite rods:

Medium grained graphite rods are available up to a certain size. These are available from  Ø3mm –  Ø700mm with other sizes available upon request.

Coarse grained graphite rods:

These are primarily used as graphite electrodes for electric arc and ladle furnaces in the steel industry. This area of supply is not normally an area in which Olmec offer. We tend not to deal with coarse grained graphite’s because we specialise in other areas.

Graphite Rod Machining

Olmec can machine these grades using our extensive range of lathes, saws, grinders and machining centres. We use CAM systems with our CNC machinery providing rapid and accurate machined graphite components. Have a look at our machining workshop page to get an idea of what we can do.

We are pleased to offer advice on which grade will be most suitable for your application.  Early contact before new designs are fully formulated is often beneficial; we can guide you through the range of parameters requiring consideration. This can help you make your design more functional.

Please send your enquiries by Email, Fax or for large drawings via post,
or if you prefer please call us on +44 (0) 114 236 1606.

Specifications of grades are available within the technical data section of this website.

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