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What’s new in Graphite?

Our new Miracle Materials Blog is here to shine a light on the world of graphite, whilst showing you how that world affects yours.

When you hear graphite, you might think of pencils.

You probably wouldn’t think of industries like Aerospace, Food production or Climate Change Research. You probably wouldn’t call it a ‘miracle material’. At Olmec, we know that is exactly what it is. Because of this, we created our Miracle Materials Blog to help fill in the gaps, showing you where graphite has helped build the modern world.

In reality, Graphite is used all over the world, in industries you may never have realised.

The alloys on your car? These may have been made with a graphite mould.

The batteries in your gadgets? These could be produced with graphite anodes.

The bread you bought today? Industrial ovens use graphite parts, as they can withstand high temperatures.

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We produce parts that work behind the scenes to build your every-day. That’s why our blog looks at the developments directly affecting every-day people.

Whether this be in engineering, food production, the travel industry or other sectors, we’ll show how graphite serves you. Watch this space for new bite-size updates.

Here we explore the developments driving the graphite materials industry…

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