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Graphite & Carbon Application in Industries

The range of speciality applications of graphite is extremely diverse. Speciality graphites range from isostatically pressed, extruded, die-moulded and vibration-moulded graphite, carbon and graphite felt to carbon fibre-reinforced carbon.

Olmec Advanced Materials construct and process complex components from these materials. Finishing processes, such as coatings, impregnation and cleaning round off the product portfolio.

Click on the areas below to find out more about how each industry or products utilise graphite and carbon.


aerospace industry image

Aerospace & Defense

How graphite is used in aerospace and defence

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How graphite is used in the aluminium industry

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Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

How graphite is used in the chemical and petrochemical industries

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Glass and Ceramics

Glass & Ceramics

How graphite is used in the glass and fibreglass industries

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For Miracle Materials Automotive Electrification

Manufacturing & Electrical Discharge Machining

How graphite is used in manufacturing and electrical discharge machining (EDM)

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Mechanical Engineering

How graphite is used in mechanical engineering

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Metallurgy | Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

How graphite is used in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries

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Graphite Miracle Materials Blog

PV, Semiconductors & Optical Fibres

How graphite is used for photovoltaics, semiconductors and optical fibres

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Plasterboard & Construction

How graphite is used in the cement & construction industries

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