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How graphite is used in the cement & construction industries

Cement & Construction: Types of Product and Application

Plasterboard is used heavily across the construction industry.

The construction industry uses this dry-wallboard material as much as possible because of its resilience, adaptability, and low cost.

Given the high quantity of wallboards used all over the world, manufacturing of this material needs to be a robust process that can produce boards rapidly. Carbon plays an important role in ensuring that this happens.

Carbon bearings support the rollers on which the board travels during the drying process in large continuous board dryers. Typically, these ovens have hundreds of rollers, so well-engineered bearings are essential to provide long life with low maintenance. Olmec bushes are made with this in mind, usually using fine grained isostatic graphites. These offer maximum wear resistance and long operating life.

Designed to prevent wear on other parts in the machinery, carbon/ graphite bearings facilitate the rotation/ movement of gypsum dryers, and prevents damage to more expensive elements of the drying system.

Applications: Graphite bushings/bearings

Why graphite? Excellent resistance to heat, self-lubricating (no need to use oil, which allows products to be used in both dry-running and sanitary environments), resistance to thermal shock, high melting point, non-stick.

Parts designed to facilitate the lubrication requirements of cement kilns:

  • Lubrication blocks or plates
  • Seals

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