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Embedded and Rugged Computing Systems

Olmec’s embedded and rugged computing systems represent cutting-edge solutions for robust and resilient computing in challenging environments. These systems are engineered to provide high-performance computing capabilities in applications where reliability and durability are critical factors. Whether integrated into industrial machinery, military equipment, or automotive systems, Olmec’s computing solutions excel in ensuring stable and efficient operations in adverse conditions. With advanced features, including ruggedized components and specialized interfaces, these computing systems are tailored to meet the demands of embedded applications across various industries, offering a foundation of technological excellence for mission-critical tasks.


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Aerospace & Defense

How graphite is used in aerospace and defence

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How graphite is used in the aluminium industry

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Chemical & Petrochemical Industry

How graphite is used in the chemical and petrochemical industries

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Glass and Ceramics

Glass & Ceramics

How graphite is used in the glass and fibreglass industries

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For Miracle Materials Automotive Electrification

Manufacturing & Electrical Discharge Machining

How graphite is used in manufacturing and electrical discharge machining (EDM)

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Mechanical Engineering

How graphite is used in mechanical engineering

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Metallurgy | Ferrous & Non-Ferrous Metals

How graphite is used in the ferrous and non-ferrous metal industries

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Graphite Miracle Materials Blog

PV, Semiconductors & Optical Fibres

How graphite is used for photovoltaics, semiconductors and optical fibres

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Plasterboard & Construction

How graphite is used in the cement & construction industries

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