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Embedded and Rugged Computing Systems

Olmec’s embedded and rugged computing systems represent cutting-edge solutions for robust and resilient computing in challenging environments. These systems are engineered to provide high-performance computing capabilities in applications where reliability and durability are critical factors. Whether integrated into industrial machinery, military equipment, or automotive systems, Olmec’s computing solutions excel in ensuring stable and efficient operations in adverse conditions. With advanced features, including ruggedized components and specialized interfaces, these computing systems are tailored to meet the demands of embedded applications across various industries, offering a foundation of technological excellence for mission-critical tasks.


Mil Grade Motherboard

The motherboards are available in the sizes starting from 3.5 inch single board computer, mini- ITX, ATX, com express, ETX CPU module and CPU card. At the lower end of the spectrum are single-core processors, succeeded by dual-core processors with two processing cores. Quad-core processors offer four cores, while hexa-core and octa-core processors provide six and eight cores, respectively. Beyond this, there are processors with even higher core counts, such as deca-core (10-core) and dodeca-core (12-core) configurations. At the upper end are hexadeca-core (16-core) processors and beyond, representing the pinnacle of multi-core processing power. The ascending order reflects an increase in parallel processing capabilities, contributing to improved performance in tasks that can be parallelized, such as multitasking and certain computational workloads.

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Rugged servers

Designed for military, industrial, or rugged commercial use, the
OMS-1201-2U server keep mission-critical applications available in
demanding environments where Size, Weight, and Power (SWAP) is
an important consideration. Featuring a Intel® Xeon® processors with up to eight cores, 2TB DDR4 ECC memory, and enhanced reliability features, The Olmec OMS-1201-2U server provides industry-leading performance and superior resilience to shock, vibration, and temperature extremes.

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TEC Cooler

The Thermoelectric Cooler (TEC) is a semiconductor device that exploits the Peltier effect to generate cooling through the application of an electrical current. This innovative technology is widely utilized in diverse applications, ranging from consumer electronics like mini-fridges and beverage coolers to advanced scientific instruments and electronic systems. TECs offer precise and efficient temperature control by leveraging semiconductor properties, making them indispensable in scenarios where reliable cooling is essential. Whether ensuring optimal thermal conditions for sensitive electronic components or providing a refreshing cool environment for perishable goods, TECs contribute significantly to various cooling applications across different industries.

Rugged Mouse

Rugged Mouse

The Olmec IQ-RM-200 is a fully rugged, IP68 sealed waterproof, 5-keys optical mouse. The mouse comes with the durable coating & antimicrobial surface to resists the impact of most of the chemicals and liquids under harsh environment usage. The mouse is full sized and features a 5-buttons design for right & left clicking and scrolling up & down just like a conventional non-waterproof mouse. It is a fully sealed IP68 and compatible with both USB and PS/2.

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Rugged Joysticks

Rugged Joysticks

This is a 2 axis Hall-type industrial joystick, instrument panel installation method, stainless steel and aluminum alloy materials, spring automatic return structure, German high-precision Hall-type sensor, full temperature range linear correction, IP65 protection level, smoother operation Feel, ergonomic mechanical design. reliable for long life
span usage. This joystick is widely used in TV camera, CCTV, industrial robot, medical equipment, optical instrument, heavy-duty and safety-critical applications.

Rugged Panel PC

The Olmec IQ-XX00-00 PRO are a Panel PC powered by the Intel® processor, delivers a reliable, durable and versatile platform for Rugged & Industrial application environments. The PC is a compact yet has a powerful computing capability ideal for space-constrained environments. With its sleek design and high-resolution display, it offers seamless integration for various applications.
The IQ-XX00-00 PRO Series panel computers are fanless highly efficient heat dissipation systems designed for wide Temperature operations, -30 to 70°C and high resilience to Shock & Vibration. This makes the IQ-XX00-00 PRO Series one of the most reliable rugged platforms for harsh indoor & outdoor environments. It also features up to 1000-nit LCD panel offering a sunlight-readable, projected-capacitive multi-touch screen, providing an excellent user experience for outdoor applications.
The IQ-XX00-00 PRO Series panel PCs are available in 7″, 10.1″ & 15″ Panel sizes.

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Conduction/ Convection cooled Rugged Chassis

Conduction / Convection cooled Rugged Chassis


Olmec’s rugged chassis series offers compact and lightweight solutions for challenging environments. The OLM-410-EC, a 4-slot ATR chassis, is well-suited for EW/ISR and high-speed edge computing in ground and airborne assets. The OLM-510-EC, a 5-slot chassis, combines forced air and conduction cooling for optimal thermal performance. For larger deployments, the OLM-910-EC, a 9-slot ATR chassis, provides durability in harsh conditions. Olmec’s Conduction/Convection cooled Rugged Chassis line ensures reliability across diverse applications, from defense operations to industrial settings.

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Ethernet switch

The advanced Ethernet Switch offers 16 Gigabit Ethernet ports (RJ45 Slots) and 4 optical fiber connections (SFP slots) for high-speed, versatile industrial networking. Operating fan-less in temperatures from -40 to 75°C, it ensures reliability in harsh conditions. With Turbo Ring, Turbo Chain, and STP/RSTP/MSTP protocols, the switch provides rapid recovery and network redundancy. Isolated redundant power inputs support a universal 110/220 VAC power supply range, ensuring uninterrupted operation. The switch is easily managed with MXstudio, and V-ON™ technology guarantees millisecond-level multicast data and video network recovery, making it a robust solution for industrial applications.


We tailor make each keyboard to meet specific industry needs & customer specifications, ensuring our customers have the best in class rugged products. Our keyboards highly durable & comes with higher lifecycle. Built with durability in mind, our rugged input devices are easy to clean and maintain, yet resilient enough to withstand the harshest working conditions. Specifically engineered for rugged applications in manufacturing, material handling, and remote data entry. Our keyboards are designed to endure extreme environments. Resilient and sturdy, our keyboards can withstand dust, dirt, water, and corrosive liquids. Widely utilized across industries such as manufacturing, public safety, military, and material handling, our rugged keyboards are built to last.

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