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Graphite for Air Bearings

Olmec isostatic graphite has excellent porosity uniformity.

This means that across the surface and throughout the material, the microscopic holes are consistently placed and sized. This means that our customers can be sure of the airflow capacity of the material that best suits their requirements.

The key to this kind of graphite selection is Olmec’s knowledge of our grades on a microscopic level. Understanding the porosity and grain size of our materials allows us to give expert advice to help customers find the best material for their airflow requirements.


Graphite for Air Bearing Applications

Air bearings have strong advantages over rolling element bearings in some specialist applications.

For example, industries like semiconductor production require a material with high porous but uniform surface.

We are able to provide materials which fit the requirements of the following applications:

  • Semiconductor wafer processing
  • Coordinate measuring machines
  • Precision machined tools
  • Clean room/ high speed / precision positioning environments

Olmec offer isostatic graphite grades for these applications, as the most important factor is the uniformity of the grade.


Benefits of Olmec Graphite for air bearing applications:

  • Porosity uniformity
  • Competitive prices
  • Informed airflow control

Different applications will inevitably require different levels of airflow. Because of this, Olmec offer a range of porosity levels in our selection of graphites for air bearings.

Benefits of Olmec Graphite for Air Bearings 

Making the transition from traditional metal bearings to Olmec’s graphite air bearings can significantly reduce cost for OEMs, and allow them to reduce the pricing of their end products.

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