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MCCA Graphite Price List

MCCA Graphite Price List

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Graphite uses in manufacturing and EDM

Industrial Graphite Applications
Highly corrosion resistant and an excellent conductor of electricity, graphite is an essential component of welding rods, coatings, most high duty refractory bricks and electric arc electrodes. Learn More

Graphite uses in PV, semiconductors and optical fibres

Electronic Graphite Applications
Global computerisation demands ultra-pure forms of graphite for electrical components and circuitry. Graphite is also used in the manufacturing of solar silicon preproducts to build solar panels. Learn More

Graphite uses in mechanical engineering

Mechanical Graphite Applications
Graphite has great chemical resistance and high lubricating properties, that make it perfect for use in pumps as bearings, bushings and seals.
Learn More

Graphite uses in ferrous and non-ferrous metals

Metal Industry Graphite Applications
Graphite can withstand extreme temperatures, making it perfect for the use in the metal industry in the creation of steel and also in the recycling of metals such as aluminium. Learn More

Graphite and carbon inventory

Graphite & Carbon Inventory
Olmec supply a range of grades and sizes of graphites, from standard rods and blocks to custom made molds we can create in our workshop. Learn More