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Carbon Brush Manufacture

Carbon Brush

Carbon brushes are used to transfer electrical current from a moving (usually rotating) to a stationary point within an electric circuit.

Important electrical components in motors and generators, Carbon brushes are made of carbon or graphite.

Carbon brushes have been more recently used to harness renewable electricity sources from both wind powered and hydro powered generators.

Olmec Advanced Materials are one of the UK's leading Carbon Brush suppliers. Olmec can supply carbon brushes in a range of sizes for your application, please contact us to explain your needs.

Please Note: Olmec Advanced Materials supply carbon brushes in minimum order batches of 50, 100 or 250 we do not however supply one off brushes (Minimum order quantities apply).

Minimum Carbon Brush order guide


Small Carbon Brushes

Medium Carbon Brushes

Large Carbon Brushes

Carbon Brush Volume

under 8cm3

under 20cm3

over 20cm3

Minimum Order Quantity





How to calculate the Carbon Brush volume:

Volume of a brush is the product of its length, width, and height for example - 1.5cm × 1.7cm × 2cm = 5.1 cubic cm or 5.1cm3

A=Length - B=Width - C=Height

A x B x C = volume in cubic cm.

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